Friday, May 29, 2009

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Monday, May 18, 2009

hot butter rum

Hot butter rum is a good band. One of best song are Busted in Utah. They are one of the hardest working band I know. They are acoustic rock music. They began in the San Francisco Bay. Hot butter rum has over 150+ live performances a year. Wow that a lot of live performances a year. The band recently has blended drums and electric instruments into their otherwise acoustic folk-rock live performances. Go hot butter rum! Band members use the content-rich site to share blog entries from the road; to host a fan discussion forum; to simulcast their shows to internet listeners (while providing a chat room so internet listeners can enjoy each other?s company during the show); to showcase in a Green section the band's eco-friendly tour bus and enviro-/socio-/political resume; and to provide sundry other regularly rotating media that help ensure a participatory, creative experience for all involved. Hot Buttered Rum’s progressiveness can only be described as organic.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Huck is amazing. She does amazing art. How can you not see her blogs. This ant one of her art but she can do beater then that it is amazing. There are lots of good artisan out in the world but huck is the main one right now. OK where back with huck. Like I've said huck is amazing. She can pant,sculpt and do a lot of other thing like take care of six rutty annoying kids.Some day her head probably feel like it going to explode. OK let get back to art now because she is amazing. She is so good that I can not exampling it. Huck is just to good.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Found dog

There was a 12 year old boy who found a dog. It was a golden retriever. He was laying in the middle of the road. Mickel the 12 year old boy brought the old dog home and feed it. It was skinny. But Mickel could not have dog or any animal in his house because his dad did not like animals. That was the rule. So what Mickel did was put the dog in the basement. Mickel trained Runner to be quite. What he would do is when his parents are at work he would take Runner for a walk. his parents found the dog when Mickel went to school. But the dog was hopping on three feet. So Mickel mom and dad toke Runner to the vet. The veterinarian told Mickel 's mom and dad that the dog had arthritis in his front paw. So thy keep the House warm for the dog and it was winter. So the dog does what dogs do. So when Mickel got home his mom and dad told him that the dog has arthritis in his front paw. His dad said he can have the dog. Then Mickel said his name is Runner. Because he loved to run. Latter on his leg had to go. So he had three legs but he lived his whole life loved.


Underwhelmed is amazing! There songs tell me stores. My favorite song is freak! It rocks. I love all there songs but freak is my all time favorite. Here are some more songs Angel, never again, with you, something in myself, reveal, washed away leave it all behind and silhouette. They all rock! There are no down fall of any of there songs. It one of the best songs on You will never get board of there songs.well I never get board of them. I go to sleep with there music on. That how good thay are. I blast there music. If it was not for my dad I would not know about Underwhelmed. Go Underwhelmed. Underwhelmed rock!!


Hey I'm Dawson blockhead's son. I'm going to be talking about Indie music n arts from There are lots of Indie music and great artisans. So join me on my adventure and see the indie music and artisan world though a 10 year old boy's eyes. I'm also going to be sharing some of my short stories.