Saturday, May 16, 2009


Underwhelmed is amazing! There songs tell me stores. My favorite song is freak! It rocks. I love all there songs but freak is my all time favorite. Here are some more songs Angel, never again, with you, something in myself, reveal, washed away leave it all behind and silhouette. They all rock! There are no down fall of any of there songs. It one of the best songs on You will never get board of there songs.well I never get board of them. I go to sleep with there music on. That how good thay are. I blast there music. If it was not for my dad I would not know about Underwhelmed. Go Underwhelmed. Underwhelmed rock!!


  1. Great job Dawson. I also love underwhelmed! Freak is a great song. Its by far my fav on BHR!!

  2. i agree, freak is my fav too. i have to hear it to get my day started. wtg Dawson!!! you ROCK!!!

  3. I must agree with you, Dawson! Underhelmed ROCKS!!! I'm glad your father brought them to the attention of all of us!

    --James ~ ClosetCreature