Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trey Green

Trey Green embodies a series of irresolvable contradictions. Trey Green is a humerus band. I love his music. It rocks. Trey says. I always wanted to write them. Here are some of his songs 1 Smooth Breakdancin' Guy 2 My Girlfriend 3 Won't Last Forever 4 My Fantasic @-- 5 Last Flight 6 Mad Crush 7 Place In France 8 Go Away 9 The Forever And Ever Song 10 The Rory Nickerson,Take 211 Tavarua. There are some of is amazing. You can hear some of his song at blockheadradiolive.com. Sorry that some of song 4 is spelled like that it is because it is a word I cant say. But Trey Green is amazing band. See everyone on my nest blog post.

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