Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Stone Coyotes

Hey it me indiemusicnart. I'm here to tell you about The Stone Coyotes. They have some rocking music. The Stone Coyotes are a bare-bones rock family trio. Here are some of there songs Tomorrow Is Another Day, Land of the Living,Not Right Now,The Lights of Home,All For Angelina,The Beat's Got a Hold on Me,Trouble Down in Texas, Brand New Car,A Charmed Life, If I Knew How to Dance, Kern River,The Grey Robe of the Rain,A Rude Awakening,The Ones Who Rocked and Rolled,Might Have Been Memphis,The River's Mouth, Creepin' Like a Cat,Reunited,Thunder on the Left (remake),I Wanna Be a Punk Again,What a Pity,Never Say Die andA Deep and Abiding Love. There are some of there amazing songs. The Stone Coyotes rock my world. Here some thing you have to read her husband Doug Tibbles was a TV writer for such shows as The Munsters, Bewitched, Andy Griffith, My Three Sons, Family Affair, and many more.


  1. Great Post We love the Stone Coyotes!

  2. The Munsters and Bewitched, eh? That is so cool! :)

  3. My favorite Indie Artists!
    Awesome Job!