Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You are a Father and YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!

It could be you in his place, You could be looking at your son and know you will never see his Graduation, you will never see his wedding you will never get to hold your grandbabies.

You will leave your wife to raise your son.

18 months will go so fast how can you teach your young son all there is to be known in the world

How can you tell him your government has failed in the medical system to help save your life.

You worked hard all your life you helped a stranger whenever they needed help, now you are looking into the Small future you have and know that a surgery could prolong your life, you could spend time with your son you could see his future, you can share that future with your love of your life.

But you where told the little $5 you make extra a week makes it to where you lost your insurance, and you cannot even afford the meds that MIGHT keep you alive those 18months you could die tomorrow being off those meds.

Caught in the system, the system that says a family of three that makes less than $360 a week isn't covered no more by insurance. There is no hope you can't afford the Surgery Let alone the meds that keep you alive each day!


YOU CAN HELP YOU CAN HELP with just word of mouth, want to help more? Donate or be a purchaser of the Silent Auction July 24 - July 26th

Spread the word Be human Help a man be there for his son his wife, let him feel that childs arms wrapped around him one more day, let him feel the touch of his wife, let him have a life.

If 4,000 people respond with a donation or with bidding on an Item from the Charity Auction We can help make one more Day for this man possible.

What would you do if it was you, Your son, Your father? Could you pull $5 out to help them

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